No looking back

  1. Its all sinking in now away for 9 weeks saying goodbye to family and friends and had breakfast with family before going through the gates to then boarding on the plane for 4 hrs journey to south of Tenerife and arrive in hopefully sunny Tenerife at 6:30pm tonight and arrived before 8:00pm tonight cant wait to start this experiance on monday.


¡Hola chicos! This week in all of Tenerife it was the Carnaval so on Tuesday me and my flat mates all got the bus to Santa Cruz to check it out as Carnaval de Santa Cruz is the biggest one on the island and the 2nd biggest in the world (second only to Rio de Janeiro). It didn’t disappoint!! Everyone was dressed up in different outfits and the procession was fantastic!! There were lots of different floats which were all absolutely gorgeous and lots of music and dancing as well as people dressed up as different TV/film characters and even someone dressed as Micheal Jackson!

It was really a lot of fun!! Also on Wednesday night in Puerto de la Cruz there was the “Entierro de la Sardina” which is another part of the Carnaval celebrations where they burn an effigy of a large sardine and have fireworks and a big street party.

This is a photo of the sardine during the day and here is some at night and when it was being burned:

So this week was really fun the atmosphere around town was brilliant as everyone was very festive! The sun came out the past few days and it’s definitely feeling warmer each day, me and Shannon went to the Playa Martiánez beach yesterday after class and got an ice cream and sat in the sun which was really nice.

We start work at Hotel Marquesa on Sunday which will be exciting. Today we had Spanish class and learned a lot then just relaxed for a while back at the flat.

¡Hasta luego!



hi shannon here so 2nd week in and have done a few intersting things this week like the santa cruz carnival it was so fun 🎶👙 ! also got a new flat mate this week called frances shes so lovley 😁 yesterday me and aslinn went to hotel marquesa 🔪🍾🥂 were we will be working for the next two months looking forward to starting on sunday even though its an 8am start🙈. today we are just having a relaxing day after been at fu acadamy all day learning some more spainsh i cant belive it our last day tomorrow 😭 i think might take some extra classes in my spare time aswell. cant wait to see what the next few weeks will be like

hola !! :)

hi shannon here so end of week one spanish class is finshed learned so much all ready can even order myself breakfast now in spainsh haha. been having so much fun yesterday we all went to the main part of the center there was lots of shops and things to do and see. went to the shopping center on wensday with aisllin it was called la villia and was shops like zara was a nice place to go look at🤣. also had salsa class yesterday were i learned some new moves 🎶🤷‍♀️ going again next week just having a chilled weekend after so much work throughout the week



First week

Hi everyone. First is week is over!! Been at the Spanish class all week, starting to pick up some of the vocabulary already which is good! Yesterday night we walked into the city centre to have a look around and see where we will be working and it was so beautiful! The weather hasn’t been that great though, very cold, windy and rainy but we’ve had a couple hours of sun a day which is good! Here’s a photo I took of the coast

So gorgeous!!! So excited to complete the Spanish language course next Friday and then start work!!!


hola amegios

hi everyone shannon here just an update of whats been going on been in spainsh class for 2 days now and really enjoying it learned so much all ready. me aslinn and francesso all went to pizzarea last night and the food was great. this afternoon had calls from home and was so nice to see everyone but i love it here 😊 got salsa class on thursday so ill let use know how that go’s🎶 the weather was wet today still warm so i cant complane. so peaceful

anyways talk soon ⚘🌻

shannon x

hello :)

hi my name is shannon and i come from scotland fife i am in tenarife at the moment studing at fu academy in hosptallity training to be a chef. i arived here on saterday were we went to the apartment which was lovey and clean was well looked after. on saterday night me aslinn and francesco all went for pizza it was great 👌😁. start my spanish class today at 9am im so looking forward to see what it holds

speak soon



Hi! My name is Aislinn, I’m from a town called Dunfermline in Scotland and for the next few months I’m going to be working in Hotel Marquesa in Puerto de la Cruz. I’m so excited to start my placement and to first of all go to FU Academy to learn Spanish for the first week. I arrive in Tenerife tomorrow at around 6pm and on Sunday I will be able to unpack and settle in to my new apartment before starting my lessons on Monday morning. I can’t wait to start this fantastic experience!

Speak soon,

Aislinn 🌹

Work at Doubletree by Hilton in Aberdeen

Hello there!
Working at Doubletree by Hilton in Aberdeen is amazing! I gained much experience from the job. I had a shift at the bar. It was both interesting and very excited! I even worked during the breakfast time. It was the best experience! Moreover, I helped other staff during conferences and of course, one of my favourite parts – banqueting. It’s getting more and more busier, so the amount of the guests is increasing. It’s very challenging for me and I am looking forward to the Christmas period.

I had an opportunity to try all the new meals because the hotel released a new menu. Here is one of our main meals 🙂 It was very tasty!
I have even found out a lot of new information about cash register and how to use it. These weeks were just a waterfall of new challenges, new information and new atmosphere. I am very happy that I have such a great opportunity to improve my skills in hospitality & catering 🙂


As concerns my free time, I usually go out to the city center. My favourite place to have a meal is Japanase restaurant YO-Sushi in Aberdeen. They made the most delicious soups in the world! After having a meal, I usually just walk around the city and get the energy and beauty of it.  I thank the fortune every day for having the life that I am living right now because it’s the life that I have dreamed of all my life. Thank you! <3

Have an amazing day,

Andrew’s Finnish Adventure Blog 2

CHASE Helsinki Update:








3rd week into work, the clarion is an amazing hotel with so much to offer and the view from the sky room is astonishing; looking out over the city of Helsinki- and such great fun too. Also, the team are very enthusiastic and passionate too.


Day off work meant day trip to Suomenlinna for some cultural learning, an island just a 10 minute boat ride from Helsinki harbour, which is a wonderful and historical place full of character and interesting sights, including an 18th century fort plus the Finnish naval academy -which still uses part of the island to this day.