Now we have been at Marriott two weeks, everyone is working on different shifts so we don´t see each other very often. Second week has been similar than the first week except this week I also worked at the bar.This week I learned Starbucks coffees and how to make them.

This weeks Friday was a busy day in the hotel because hotel was full of true Beliebers. I think Justin Bieber was playing at Hydro.

Life starts to be a bit boring and I miss my home and friends, mostly because we are just working and staying home. After work I am too tired to do anything else and our days off are different days. Nothing more to say just now.



So now i have started work! I’m working at Marriott hotel in Glasgow.I really like it there it’s a really good kitchen team and there is alot to do!

I just moved in to my flat witch is great! I live witch to others so it’s nice.

It isint much more to say i am mostly working but i like it!

Speak to you soon, cheers!

First week at Marriott

Now we have worked our first week on Marriott, it has been full of new things and we have learned a lot. I started my career on serving breakfast and helping out on room service. Mornings are busy and especially weekends there is many guests. Slowly I start to remember my colleagues names and get to know them a bit better.

Tour set
Dinner set
Buffet lunch


We offer breakfast every morning and occasionally we offer also lunch, we also set the restaurant for dinner. Our job is also clean the restaurant after breakfast and lunch.

The fourth week!

It was the last week of doing a lot of things with the other chase students. We had a food tasting what gave us more insight about the food here in Glasgow. We have been to the Marriott hotel where we do our internship till half February, we had to days full of training where we get a certificate for! We have also visited in the last week the Cameron house hotel in Loch Lomond witch is an amazing place to be there! Everything you want they can offer you. I would definitely stay there if I could😬. And the last day of the week we where just been at the office to discuss about the four weeks of our stay in Glasgow and after that we had a lovely time in the pub with al of us. It was just an amazing and interesting month for now in Glasgow!

First month is behind us

Food tasting
Cameron house hotel

Scotland food tasting training program started our last cultural week. We tasted traditional Scottish fishes, meat, biscuits and of course whiskys. Whisky tasting went so much better than the first one

Tuesday we were at Marriott hotel doing our world host training, that went well and everyone passed the test. Wednesday was also training in Marriott but subject was alcohol laws, again test and passed ,now just have to wait the official papers.

Thursday we went to Cameron house which is in Loch Lomond, that place is amazing. At first the building look so small but when you get in you realize how huge that really is. They have many swimming pools and bars etc. there. After our tour inside the hotel we went to look at the hotels spa and golf course. Cameron house hotel is good example about five star hotel, they have everything that you can imagine. After Cameron house wee took a little cruise on Loch Lomond before we came back to Glasgow.

On Friday we went to guided tour under the central station. Tour guide was really good and you can tell that those stories that he told was his passion. Afternoon we had our discussion at the office and we got our little presents. at evening we went to Sloans which is Glasgow´s oldest pub.

We have now been here four weeks and those weeks has been really educational. We have learned so much about traditional Scottish foods, whiskys and of course culture. We have seen most of the museum in Glasgow, walked with the tour guides around the city of Glasgow and of course seen Highland, Loch Lomond and Edinburgh. These four weeks have been busy but interesting so thanks Sabrina and Ylva for planning this for us.

I am so exited that work starts tomorrow.

Nature, Edinburgh and whisky

Monday 3 October.
So on monday we had an induction on Marriott hotel (the hotel we are going to work at) We got a full tour of the hotel and lots of information so we are prepared when we start.

Tuesday 4 October.
On tuesday we went to the science centre and it was fun we had a good time together. Then we had english club at school (playd UNO)

Wednesday 5 October.
On wednesday we went on the Timberbush tour witch took ous through the highlands and we also went to a whisky destillery. The highlands was one of the most beutiful landscapes i have ever seen.

Thursday 6 October.
We had a full day of whisky training on thursday witch was interesting, I learned alot and got to drinks some whisky so it was a good day👍

Friday 7 October.
On friday we went on a day trip to Edinburgh. We walked around the old town and saw the castle witch was pretty cool. We also had lunch at the cafe were the Harry Potter books were written.

Awesome week number 3

This was exciting week for all of us. We had some whisky training with whisky ambassadors, don´t know yet how it went. We visited science centre and I found my inner child. 🙂 We went to Edinburgh and walk around seeing sight seeings. We had lunch in same restaurant where J.K Rowling write her books (Harry Potter) I didnt get inspired to write anything. Edinburgh is so lovely city, buildings are so beautiful. we also had our first training in Marriott, now it feels so much easier to start my work thereimg_1361

Highlight of this week was definitely our Timberbush tour to Highland Lochs, bus left nine o´clock from George square. Our first stop was at Wallace monument. It took a while to get on the top of the monument but it was worth it. After
Wallace monument we were just driving and watching that incredible scenery until we came to Glenturret Distillery where we had that Famous Grouse experience.

Saturday we had free time and we went to see a movie Deepwater Horizon, it was 4D and that was my first time in that kind of theater. I was so surprised every time the chair moved or water was coming to my face.


Wallace monumet
Famous Grouse
Highland scenery


Week 3 new experiences

img_1729So! my third week is soon over and it’s been very exiting, we have been on a great tour and I saw Gleneagles were I will do most of my internship. Yesterday we went to a whisky course and did a test that I hope I will hope to get a certificate and a medal!

On Monday we went on a training programme at Marriot were I will do one month of internship in the kitchen, nice to get a tour of the hotel and get a feeling of how it’s going to be.

On Tuesday we went to the Science center and it was truly educational and interesting learned a lot and after the center we went to the Light on the paths office and ate Swedish cinnamon buns and it was really nice.

This week has been the best week so far and looking forward for the internship in two weeks even tough I am very nervous but it will be a good experience!

Two weeks of sightseeing in Scotland: feelings and emotions.


I arrived to Glasgow two weeks ago. I met Sabrina and Ylva 🙂 I have these two weeks met a lot of people and I have now some friends in Glasgow. I started to study at the English language school in Glasgow, and I can now say my english is much better 😀 I finished my school last week and the time in the school was really interesting. Me and other interns visited some museums and learn little bit of Scottish culture. We had a lunch at the Ox and Finch restaurant. The food was really interesting and weird, because in Latvia we have different food culture but it was great to taste it! Some few days ago we visited Edinburgh city. Edinburgh was really beautiful, there was a lot of castles and weird buildings but the time in Edinburgh was great. Yesterday we came to our workplace “Marriott hotel”. This hotel has five stars, the hotel design was brilliant. Staff at Marriot hotel is really friendly, and I can´t wait to start work there.