New stuff

This week went mostly in bed recovering from my mystic throat infection. I was working only two evenings this week. Friday was my first day at banqueting and I was totally clueless what to do. Saturday went so much better and slowly I start to understand what I should do. On banqueting shifts we are making the space ready for the customers and serving food for them. Most of the time is just waiting but when the service starts it´s really busy. Both of the nights we had around 200 people eating dinner, one event was some company´s Christmas party and second one was a charity dinner.
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Different week

Not much to say about work this week, I was only working three days at breakfast before I had to stay home. Wednesday evening my sore throat went so bad that i couldn´t open my mouth or couldn´t sleep because of the pain. Thursday morning I called a few different places and tried to get an appointment with a doctor, finally i got that. 45 minutes I was filling all kinds of papers before i could see a doctor. Finally i saw the doctor and she told me that this will go away on it´s own but because i have also fever and i can´t eat she gave me one week sick leave. I

On Friday the pain was so bad that i could only take small sips of water and soup. Couldn´t sleep at all or do anything. Saturday morning was awful, i couldn´t even drink anymore and i was just waiting my host mum to get back from her vacation. When se saw me she wen´t straight away next door because there lives a doctor. That neighbor doctor was checking me and said that i need to go out of hours clinic so Rosie called there to get me appointment, I lost my voice totally on Friday. We arrived to the clinic and waited about 2,5 hours to see a doctor. That doctor examine me and said that because of my condition and high fever I need the go a hospital and stay there.

When we get to the hospital they we taking different kinds of tests and looking to my throat through my nose 🙁 Finally they stick needle to my throat and drain all the fluids away that the pressure comes down. That helped a lot and of course I wimg_1505as getting pain killers, steroids, fluids and antibiotics through iv. I got own big room with own bathroom so couldn´t complain. Everyoimg_1498ne was very nice in a hospital and food was ok, you could see a menu and decide what you wan´t to eat. Got out from the hospital today and so happy to be home and pain free. I have to take my medications three times a day for week but I do that happily as long as that disease don´t come back. Never been that sick that I had to be in a hospital two days on iv. Not a good experience but taught me a lot. Thank god for modern technology that I could chat with my friend through what´s app otherwise I would lose my mind in a hospital.

My breakfast

Life at Gleneagles


So I know I haven’t posted anything in a few weeks and that’s beacuse ive been super busy and working constantly. Living here is okay there’s not much to do when im of but most of the time I am working. Normally I work between 12-24, It’s a lot of hours and beacuse of this it’s important to keep in shape luckily there’s a staff gym that I spend some time in.

Being at a 2 michelin starred restaurant means that everything you do during work has to be perfect. Every herb that you pick must be perfect,every brioche you roll must be perfectly round. It’s all those little details that end up being a great plate of food. And if something isn’t perfect they will let you know so it won’t happen again ever. It is very, very hard work but it’s also incredibly awarding when everything just go smooth, I learn new thing’s everyday, I might not think about it but theres always new thing’s to pick up and use the next time. Next week im going to Sweden to compete in the young eco chefs of the year and it’s very exiting and is going to be a good lige experience and I will do anything I can to take hone the gold!


Internship Marriott Hotel

It’s a long ago that I have been written a blog.. this because I have been so busy with my work! Like the other chase shema-and-bossstudents have I been working in the Marriott hotel. I work for now by the concierge, that will say that I help al the guests with their questions but it’s more than that. You learn about the hotel and also about Glasgow this because I’m working like the information point of the hotel, I’m also learning about the front desk what I find interesting. I get a lot of different shifts because of this have I experience with each time to work in the hotel. Behind this all am I knowing my colleagues better and with some of them I’m creating a bond. In the begin of my internship was it hard because I needed to figure out how everything is working and till now I’m learning everyday more and more. I think it is a really good experience to work in another country for a few months because you will know more and learn more about how everything works in another country. I really like to live in Glasgow and everyday It feels more like home now.

7 weeks.

So it’s already been 7 weeks. It’s crazy I cant belive it myself time is going super fast.

Now I have been working for 3 weeks and it’s fun the guys I work with is really nice people and fun to work with.

It’s hard work but I know it will pay of.

14 November im going to Sweden to compete in a cooking competition in Malmö (south Sweden) Im really excited about it and it will be nice to get a break from work here aswell anscreenshot_2016-10-21-18-48-352od to see my family for a few hours haha.

Talk to soon best whishes Edwin.

Second month in Glasgow , work in Marriott hotel .

Hello again 🙂 Its my fourth week in Marriott hotel , its going well . i am really proud to be a part of  Marriott team. Every day  we are working hard and every day we haveing big rezervations , and a lot of customer  . November and Decembre will be really busy months . Its chtistmas time and new year, and Marriott team will be ready !
Stay tuned .

Another Sunday


So week has passed again, this week I worked only two days because I was sick. We had a meeting with Claire about what should I do next 3 months and I am quite happy with the outcome. I have now been on breakfast and lunch 3 weeks, seen a bit what they do at the bar and at the room service. If everything goes as planned I start my work at conference service in next week, then do a bit banqueting service and last but not least, start my work at accommondation service which includes front desk, front office, consierge and housekeeping. So I changes has happened but I think that these changes will help me on my career. img_1476img_1459

Then the fun part of this week, 5th of November in Glasgow is a big thing. We went to Glasgow green to see those fireworks and it was worth it. Before fireworks started we tried that swing carousel which went quite high, great way to see the city (if you can keep your eyes open). We had dinner at cafe Cossachok which is Russian restaurant on kings street, food was good and cheap.

There were few other people also see the fireworks at Glasgow green but still we could see everything and of course hear the music. img_1468