Three weeks left :)

Now I have been as concierge two weeks and it´s been fun. Every day I learn something new and meet lots of new people. I didn´t even realize what concierge´s do before I started. It´s not only helping guest´s with the luggage, it´s so much more. We welcome all the guest´s in, we book them taxi´s, tours, restaurants and anything that they can think of. We recommend restaurants, sight seeings, shopping areas and of course tell them how to find everything. It´s so much that you need to remember when working as a concierge. I really like that department and I have many departments to compare. Three more weeks and this time I will be in Finland again. Hope to keep in touch with all the great people I met in here. That´s all for now.

Half done!

Now I have finally finished on banqueting and conference service. Tomorrow I start at concierge and after that hopefully front desk. Last week was my week on leisure club, so that was totally different than other departments. Leisure club is more laid back and not so busy. I almost got bored there, because you can´t do much more than just stand behind the desk. Of course there is stuff to do like, cleaning and washing the towels, taking pool test every two hours and check customers in to the gym. I still rather work on banqueting than leisure club, because at least on banqueting you have something to do the whole shift and no time to get bored.

That´s all for work now. Interesting to see how will it go on concierge.

Last weekend we went to Dublin with my room mate and that trip was a good way to clear my thoughts from work stuff. I highly recommend to visit Dublin, beautiful city and lots and lots to see. It was so nice to use euros again, can´t wait to go home 🙂

Five more weeks left and then this experience will be over. Now when I look back, time has gone so fast. Of course there was a time when it felt that time goes so slowly and I miss home so much, but now I am happy that I decided to stay.



It´s been a while when I last wrote something but that´s only because I didn´t have anything new to say. Last week I work on housekeeping and I can tell that is hard work. I saw and learned how they clean the rooms and public areas, how they check the rooms after cleaning and how make the rooms special for customers. I was helping on customer service, so bringing extra pillows, extra towels etc. I learned what we need to chance inside the room if the guest is allergic to feathers, what should be inside the room and where to get everything. That was my week on housekeeping.

Other stuff has also happen, like Christmas and New Year has already gone. I was so surprised that there is not any kind of public transportation on Christmas day or new years day. All buses stopped going new year´s eve around nine. That´s weird for me because we have get used to that in Finland, that every day you can take a buss. Of course I was working in banqueting new years eve, but luckily I have lovely colleagues and they gave me a ride home.

This week I am going to work on leisure center so new thing again. Next week, I will hopefully do conference service and after that it´s time to go front desk. Not so many weeks anymore left 😀