Time to say goodbye after 7 hospitality months at LOTP

Dear readers,

It is nearly 7 months ago since Sabrina met me at Buchanan bus station in Glasgow. I had no idea what kind of tasks I was going to work with during my time at Light on the Path. She explained the company had started a new European hospitality program through the hospitality network CHASE.

What I was going to work with, was to develop a cultural month for hospitality interns from Finland, the Netherlands, Sweden and Latvia.  The interns are staying in Glasgow for four or five months depending which time of the period they are in Glasgow. To work with them and to develop this program have been one of my best life experiences. I have developed an international programme including tours and programmes at four and five star hotels, fine dining resturants, whisky ambassador program and marketed Scotland as a food country through a food training program. The interns have later done internships at Marriott Hotels in Glasgow and at the Guide Michelin Resturant Andrew Fairlie at Gleneagles Hotel. When I started to work with this programme, I was so focused on delivering an amazing and unforgetable experience for these interns. What I also discovered was the individual development they did, after only five months. When I met them for the first time they did not say so much, but in the end of the cultural program they had become more open-minded and got more confidence. It was amazing to realise and discover this. That an internship abroad can change your personal development, while you develop yourself within your hospitality career. After the cultural month, I worked with marketing: developed brochures, marketing video for the program and made leaflets. I also developed the europeanhospitalityexchanges.com website.

When I arrived in Glasgow, Sweden had the crayfish season, and I wanted to share this with the Glasweigians, so why not organize a crayfish party? I asked Sabrina about the idea and she liked it. We went to IKEA, bought 16 kg crayfish and crayfish packages. We had no idea how many people who wanted to join us. In the end, there were 28 people with differerent nationalities who ate crayfish, sang and we decorated the whole Scandinavian/Scottish cafe place “For Fika Sake” in crayfish decorations. It became an amazing evening and people are still talking about the party! 🙂

Light on the Path has given me great experiences I am never going to forget. When I applied come to Glasgow, for a scholarship from my hospitality school Frans Schartau Business Institute, Stockholm Grosshandelssocietet and RS Seniorer in Stockholm, I wrote that I wanted to develop myself within the international tourism and hospitality. It is exactly what I have got from this internship and I am greatful that you gave me this opportunity.

I am now looking forward to take the next step within the tourism and hospitality industry. Once again, thank you for this great opportunity.

Best wishes,

Ylva Hedman



My last blog

Unfortunately is my journey already over for nearly a month and I’m missing everything already about Scotland. It changed everything for me, even my personalty. My opinion is that everyone should go abroad if they get the opportunity for!

I want to thank Sabrina (director of the light on the path) and everyone who supported me while my stay. I hope I will meet the other students someday in Glasgow again ! 🙂