Let me introduce myself

Before I tell you some of my stories and adventures, it’s probably a good idea to give you an idea of who I am.

My name is Tatiana dos Santos and I am a Portuguese young woman turning 24 years old next month.

I have lived in The Netherlands with my parents and older brother since I was 1,5 years old so you could say that I am very Dutch in my ways of being.

I am finishing my last year of school (finally!) Front Office manager at the Roc Airport Amsterdam school.

I have already finished my exams and the only thing between me and my diploma is my internship that I have chosen to do abroad. (speaking about not taking the easy route).




I always had a thing for looking beyond the things I had in front of me. Always wanted to travel and see the world.

That’s why I had chosen to do the study Front Office management.

Hospitality is something people will always ask for and it can bring you to the other side of the world if you want to.

And this time it brought me to Glasgow, Scotland.

I needed an encouragement, something exciting to motivate me to continue and finish my studies.

My mentor asked me if I was maybe interested in becoming an exchange student in the chase programme and before I knew it I was on an airplane heading to Glasgow for the next 4,5 months.

Light on The Path set me up with a bus pass, a host family with who I will be staying the time I am in Glasgow, English school and all around tours to get to know Glasgow.

After one month, cultural activities and a lot of information about Glasgow I felt more and more confident and comfortable to be here and away from home.

The 7th week that I have bin here is allready ending and so far so good!



  1. Ann-Marie

    Hey lovely lady, was great to meet you the other day and hear all about your homeland. If everyone is as nice as you we will love it ♥️💙

  2. Martine

    You go girl! Enjoy this time, soo far away from us! Big hug

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