Second week in Glasgow

September 25:

We visited the art gallery and museum of kelvingrove it was very interesting but really too big if you want to visit him take you 3 hours of time to see more but he is Very well and he tells of all the history of shell and more still.

September 26 :

We visited university of Glasgow which is really gigantesque it is impressive we would say poudlard, building of period ” 1451 ” really nice to see. Later we visited a house to realize by Charles Rennie Mackintosh who has a very futuristic style for his time and been looked after well.

September 27 :

We visited Glasgow science center it is really nice to make with many activities manual and physical rather playful it is a nice place.

September 28 :

We visited the reversiez museum it is really good one place for what what is like representation in the old of the car and the trains or the street.

september 29 :

today we visited the lighthouse it was not very interesting for me but he have a great views on the last floors . An now we going to make cooking course .

Glasgow is amazing!

Already two weeks in to my journey and I can already tell you that Glasgow is Amazing! So much to see and do, all the different museum (they are free!), the night life, so many restaurants.

My favourite thing we did this week was when we went to the Riverside museum, old cars was a big part of my childhood so the Riverside museum was like a throwback to my childhood with all the old cars.

I also went back to the whisky shop and tasted some more whisky, it ended with me buying a bottle BenRiach 10 years.

I can’t wait until Monday when me and the other Chase students will go on a trip to Loch Ness, Inverness and the Highlands. We will also visit a whisky Destillery but I will write more about it next week!

We did so much this week so I think it’s better that I adds pictures instead, as they say A picture says more than a thousand words!

First picture: Glasgow university

Second picture: Riverside museum

Third picture: Whisky tasting

Forth picture: Glasgow science center

Fifth picture: The lighthouse

My second week in Glasgow

Hello there!

I have already stayed in Glasgow for 2 weeks and I am just in love with this city!

This week I went on a lot of excursion to the different museums. For example, I went on an excursion to a place called Kelvingrove park and museum which is very similar to another museum where “Night at the museum” movie was filmed. I went to the Glasgow University too. The architecture of the Glasgow University is really impressive and I hope that one day I will enter its doors as a student. I also went to the Science Center where I did a test and found out that I need to work in a fields such as accountancy, statistics or medicine. It was very helpful for me because I am still looking for my real place in this exciting life. I even went to a Riverside museum yesterday. It is a very interesting place and I got to know a lot of new facts about the life in Glasgow in the 19th century. I had a very productive week, hadn’t I? 🙂

I am looking forward to the third week because I am going to do a Whisky Ambassador Training! I hope I will pass the test and receive a certificate. Fingers crossed!

That’s all for today. I will write to you next week! Good luck and have a productive week! 😉

Travel in Scotland by a little French

I’m Simon Stephan I study at saint Quentin’s hotel high school in Yvelines near Paris, I wanted to leave abroad and particularly in an Anglo-Saxon country to get better at English. My objective is to be billaingue to obtain my exam and be able to speak to various people that comes from various country.

My first impressions of Scotland particularly Glasgow was very good the population of Glasgow is very welcoming and very nice with a very fun style and fun place like the PUB  and the architecture and the different places very impressive it changes France it’s another culture and And it is really interesting.  One can feel a celt culture the same that we can find in Brittany very protector and proud of that culture and of its history, shelled them are very enthusiastic when you ask a question of telling to you the various stories of their country, and it’s fascinating to see the pleasure that he  have in tell their various traditions or other one you be directly to dive into the environment.  PS:” The Scottish accent is not myth but if you to ask them to make an effort they will make it with a great pleasure and it pleased to see “. He have lot of restaurant and pub it was  very impressing . The restaurant proposes them a lot of choice that can frighten someone but it is not really bad it is even good or would find All for you  because there is for everything the tastes. Scottish pub is really awesome and impressive I had never seen that previously and I from Brittany I’ve seen an impressive number of bar but  believe a lot of  choice in as well in beers as in whisky or in gin it is really at the top the atmosphere was terrible and it’s really nice nothing has to say above that . I really recommand  them to you if you like share with every person . The Scottish have a culture really various but if I can recommand a monument in Glasgow to do visit in first the city the george square because is impressive and beautiful and i really  like this visit . After he have a lot of monuments you can make your  choice . This destination is really to be beneficial for me if I goes out bilingual to become integrated into other country and simply to diversify my culture general and I think that it is really important. Glasgow is a very beautiful city and very rich as much in the population as in the culture I’m recommand it to you strongly.




Arrived in Glasgow!

Hello! My name is Edvin, i’m 18 years old and comes from Sweden. I came to Scotland for 2 main reason, to improve my English and for my love of whisky. I’m also here to do my work placement for school, im studding to become a chef back in Sweden.

The first thing I noticed when I arrived was how cheap everything is compared to Sweden, instead of paying 8punds for a beer at the pub, you can get them for 1-2punds. The first week in glasgow was full of exciting things, we whent to the City Chambers, Pollok park and house, GOMA. Went on a buss tour in Glasgow and had a whisky tasting to name a few things. I also have English school Monday-Friday from 9 to 12.

Glasgow has been everything I expected and better, everyone is so nice and welcoming. The city itself reminds me a lot of Gothenburg, maybe thats why I feel so at home here.

One thing thats been hard is to understand the glasgow accent, some times I have to ask people to repeat them self 3-4 times before I understand what they were saying. Hopefully by the end of my 5 months here in Scotland I’ll understand the accent.

One thing I really look forward to, except the work placement, is the whisky ambassador training we are going to do. It will be a great experience and a good thing to have on the CV.

This is it for now, but you will hear from me again, Cheers friends!


Scotland 2017/2018

Hello there! My name is Stefanija and I am from Latvia. I am 18 years old and I study Catering and Hospitality. I decided to go to Scotland because it’s an incredible place and I wanted to get a new experience in my work&study field.

My first impression of Scotland is amazing! I like this place a lot. I stay in Glasgow and it’s very pretty and green place. People are very nice and friendly here as well. They even have a slogan – People Make Glasgow. I think it’s the best slogan ever! It has a very deep meaning. Not sculptures or architecture make the city. But the people make the Glasgow.

In my daily basis I have lessons and after them I have some excursions. One of the best excursions of the first week was a walk through Pollok County Park. The weather was really nice and I could even have a look at very ancient mansion in that park.

I got a lot of knowledge about the Scottish culture after the first week. I found out that Scottish people have their own language called Galic. Moreover, people who was born and raised in Scotland have a specific Scottish accent. For example, instead of saying yes, they say aye. That’s very interesting, isn’t it? 🙂

I have quite a lot favourite spots in Scotland. One of these spots are parks. Glasgow is a very green city and I like to go for walks and explore this incredible areas of flowers, trees and bushes.           In my free time I usually go to the city centre with a bunch of my new friends. I like to visit restaurants, cafés or pubs with my friends. It gives me both : an opportunity to practice my English skills and even try new kinds of food.

I find this internship very useful because I am going to visit a lot of knowledgeable places like Whisky Distillery and different cafés & restaurants. It will help me in learning a lot of useful information in my hospitality field. But I am also looking forward to my trip to Inverness, Loch Ness and The Highlands.

Scotland is a really nice place 🙂 As for me, everyone should visit Scotland!

I’m moving to Sweden!*

*For five months!

Hi, I’m Liis!
I’m an Estonian girl living in Scotland for the past 5 years.

Two years ago I decided to ‘do something with my life’ and I went to college to study professional cookery. Best decision I ever made!
In 2017, however, my studies were coming to an end, I was working in a chain restaurant and felt like I was lacking any certain future plans..
Lo and behold, as fate would have it, back in June, I got offered an opportunity of a lifetime – move abroad for 5 months, study and work in hospitality and get all expenses paid! I could also choose my own destination (the options were Amsterdam, Tenerife, Helsinki or Gothenburg). Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?
Now, 3 months later, I’m ready to pack my bag and head off to the unknown!

Well, not the totally unknown – I already know my destination, which will be Gothenburg, the 2nd largest city in Sweden; I will be spending the first month in a cookery school there with people from other countries participating in the same programme and then I will be on a work placement in a local 3-4* hotel.
I will be working alongside locals as well as people from Belgium, Finland and France among others.
They also provide a cultural programme, food and accomodation and a daily allowance.

I’ll be leaving in two weeks time, it’s not fully sunk in yet, but I’m now starting to slightly panic about what to pack – 5 months! Cold winters! Work clothes! Being a girl and wanting both comfort and glamour! Ugh, that’ll be the hard part..

In any case, there’s exciting times ahead!

Until next time,
Liis 🙂

My First experience abroad

Hi there, my names Kieran and I’ve just finished my college course with flying colours, I studied hospitality level 5 with Glasgow Kelvin College and it was with this course my instructor put my name forward for this internship.

I’ll be spending 5 months in the amazing city that is Amsterdam.Not only is this a fantastic opportunity its a fun one, its my first time being out of the country and I dont intend it to be my last.

I choose to study food and beverage as it was always a great passion of mine and I intend to put my all into this.

going to work in Amsterdam for the next 5 months

Hi my name is Brian Wilson and I have recently finished my hospitality and catering level 5 course at college at Glasgow kelvin college and I have decided to go work at Amsterdam for the next 5 months which will be a great learning experience and hopefully I will pick up new skills and traits while I am over there working

I’m really excited that I am getting the opportunity to go work in a different environment. Which will hopefully be fun and a great learning experience to learn new things.

the reason I have chosen to study food and beverage because it’s a lot of fun and I really enjoy working the hospitality in the scene and I’m glad that I decided to chose this kind of work