Second week in Glasgow

September 25:

We visited the art gallery and museum of kelvingrove it was very interesting but really too big if you want to visit him take you 3 hours of time to see more but he is Very well and he tells of all the history of shell and more still.

September 26 :

We visited university of Glasgow which is really gigantesque it is impressive we would say poudlard, building of period ” 1451 ” really nice to see. Later we visited a house to realize by Charles Rennie Mackintosh who has a very futuristic style for his time and been looked after well.

September 27 :

We visited Glasgow science center it is really nice to make with many activities manual and physical rather playful it is a nice place.

September 28 :

We visited the reversiez museum it is really good one place for what what is like representation in the old of the car and the trains or the street.

september 29 :

today we visited the lighthouse it was not very interesting for me but he have a great views on the last floors . An now we going to make cooking course .

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