Last weeks in Glasgow. First days in Aberdeen.

Hello from Aberdeen! I arrived in Aberdeen yesterday and I fall in love with this city immediately! But before telling about Aberdeen, I would like to describe my last weeks in Glasgow. I have visited some parks. One of them was Queen’s Park. I can say that it’s very powerful place and of course, very magnificent. I took some amazing photos at that park :     Another place that I have visited is Glasgow Green. I am so happy that I have been to that place in my last days in Glasgow because Glasgow Green absolutely worth it and you can’t miss it! I was walking in Glasgow Green when I suddenly smelled the barley. It wasn’t just chance or an accident. Not far from Glasgow Green there is Strathclyde Distillery. This distillery produces grain whisky. The distillery doesn’t look like other distilleries that I have been to. It’s got a more industrial look.   Afterwards, I decided to go to the people’s palace and winter gardens. In front of this museum, there is a Terracotta fountain that depicts Britain’s four colonies : Australia, Canada, India and South Africa.  I found out a lot of interesting information while visiting people’s palace. For example, the last execution took place in 1960 in Glasgow and was seen only by few people.  Or the fact that alcohol lowers the body temperature and should be avoided in very cold weather, but many people don’t know about that and take a drink to ‘warm them inside’. I can say that I spent incredible time in Glasgow and from now on, I have such a great memories to keep!
It was very nice to live in Glasgow, but now I have an opportunity to explore Aberdeen. The main difference between Glasgow and Aberdeen is architecture. All the building are made of granite in Aberdeen. The other huge difference is that there is a sea in Aberdeen. As for me, it’s a great advantage! One more thing is that in Glasgow I relaxed and did a lot of different excursions, but I will get my work experience in Aberdeen. I am looking forward to my first work day and I am very excited about it! I know that my first shift will be in a bar so I can share my knowledge about whisky 🙂

That’s all for now,
xoxo Stephanie

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