Andrew’s Finnish Adventure Blog 2

CHASE Helsinki Update:








3rd week into work, the clarion is an amazing hotel with so much to offer and the view from the sky room is astonishing; looking out over the city of Helsinki- and such great fun too. Also, the team are very enthusiastic and passionate too.


Day off work meant day trip to Suomenlinna for some cultural learning, an island just a 10 minute boat ride from Helsinki harbour, which is a wonderful and historical place full of character and interesting sights, including an 18th century fort plus the Finnish naval academy -which still uses part of the island to this day.

Andrews Finnish/Estonian Adventure.

Hey I’m Andrew and I’m from south Wales. I was living in Perth Scotland working in a hotel and then came about me going from Perth, Scotland to Helsinki, Finland chase project underway and I’m getting to put my hospitality experience and knowledge to the test in a fantastic cultural city which I’ve never had the pleasure of visiting before;  5 months of learning and working but doing what I love and getting too learn about a totally new place and culture is an opportunity which I couldn’t pass up on. I can’t thank light in the Path enough for this, because if hospitality is for you and you’re always willing to learn then this is a must as there is no destination, is just one long journey which will always be exciting and always interesting.






Cultural learning trip today to Tallinn, capital of Estonia. Absolutely beautiful city and the traditional aspect and loving of the city still remains in certain areas. We had the pleasure of visiting these areas as well as the old town, which was the ending of the day after we had finished off visiting local shops and mingling with the locals taking in the language. The welcome which they provided means Tallinn is now very much a hot spot on my visiting list in the near future and I highly recommend it to anyone with an interest in culture to come here, as it’s similar to Helsinki also and only a 2.5 hour ferry journey away.