I’m now a whisky ambassador!

Last week was amazing! We went to the highlands, loch ness, 2 different whisky Destillerys( Blair Athol and auchentoshan). But the thing I’m most proud of is that I passed the Whisky ambassador test. To become a whisky ambassador you have to take a course that’s six hours long and do a test with 30 questions and 4 whisky blind test and place the right whisky with the right flavour/smell. Since Whisky is my favourite spirit its nice to have something to show that you know what you are talking about.

Glasgow is amazing!

Already two weeks in to my journey and I can already tell you that Glasgow is Amazing! So much to see and do, all the different museum (they are free!), the night life, so many restaurants.

My favourite thing we did this week was when we went to the Riverside museum, old cars was a big part of my childhood so the Riverside museum was like a throwback to my childhood with all the old cars.

I also went back to the whisky shop and tasted some more whisky, it ended with me buying a bottle BenRiach 10 years.

I can’t wait until Monday when me and the other Chase students will go on a trip to Loch Ness, Inverness and the Highlands. We will also visit a whisky Destillery but I will write more about it next week!

We did so much this week so I think it’s better that I adds pictures instead, as they say A picture says more than a thousand words!

First picture: Glasgow university

Second picture: Riverside museum

Third picture: Whisky tasting

Forth picture: Glasgow science center

Fifth picture: The lighthouse

Arrived in Glasgow!

Hello! My name is Edvin, i’m 18 years old and comes from Sweden. I came to Scotland for 2 main reason, to improve my English and for my love of whisky. I’m also here to do my work placement for school, im studding to become a chef back in Sweden.

The first thing I noticed when I arrived was how cheap everything is compared to Sweden, instead of paying 8punds for a beer at the pub, you can get them for 1-2punds. The first week in glasgow was full of exciting things, we whent to the City Chambers, Pollok park and house, GOMA. Went on a buss tour in Glasgow and had a whisky tasting to name a few things. I also have English school Monday-Friday from 9 to 12.

Glasgow has been everything I expected and better, everyone is so nice and welcoming. The city itself reminds me a lot of Gothenburg, maybe thats why I feel so at home here.

One thing thats been hard is to understand the glasgow accent, some times I have to ask people to repeat them self 3-4 times before I understand what they were saying. Hopefully by the end of my 5 months here in Scotland I’ll understand the accent.

One thing I really look forward to, except the work placement, is the whisky ambassador training we are going to do. It will be a great experience and a good thing to have on the CV.

This is it for now, but you will hear from me again, Cheers friends!