Work at Doubletree by Hilton in Aberdeen

Hello there!
Working at Doubletree by Hilton in Aberdeen is amazing! I gained much experience from the job. I had a shift at the bar. It was both interesting and very excited! I even worked during the breakfast time. It was the best experience! Moreover, I helped other staff during conferences and of course, one of my favourite parts – banqueting. It’s getting more and more busier, so the amount of the guests is increasing. It’s very challenging for me and I am looking forward to the Christmas period.

I had an opportunity to try all the new meals because the hotel released a new menu. Here is one of our main meals 🙂 It was very tasty!
I have even found out a lot of new information about cash register and how to use it. These weeks were just a waterfall of new challenges, new information and new atmosphere. I am very happy that I have such a great opportunity to improve my skills in hospitality & catering 🙂


As concerns my free time, I usually go out to the city center. My favourite place to have a meal is Japanase restaurant YO-Sushi in Aberdeen. They made the most delicious soups in the world! After having a meal, I usually just walk around the city and get the energy and beauty of it.  I thank the fortune every day for having the life that I am living right now because it’s the life that I have dreamed of all my life. Thank you! <3

Have an amazing day,

First work week at the hotel

My first work week at the Doubletree Hotel by Hilton was amazing! I have found a lot of new information as well as meet my colleagues with whom I will work for the next 4 months. At the begging, I was very worried about my start at this hotel, but it wasn’t necessary. Everyone was very friendly and open to me.
My first work on the first day was food running. I found out how the meals look like and how to present them to the clients during my first shift. On the next day, I had a very useful training where I came to know about HEART and how to deal with the complaints. Afterwards, I had a day off when I went out to the seaside. On my way back, I have seen a very beautiful tree with decorations on it.  The last 2 workings day I was helping at the banqueting and buffet. My favourite work day was when I helped at the banqueting! It was very nice! The guests very really friendly and I was very happy when they thank me 🙂 I had a very pleasant feeling, a feeling of usefulness.
I am looking forward to tomorrow because I am going to have a shift at the banqueting again. Can’t wait!
Write to you soon,

Last weeks in Glasgow. First days in Aberdeen.

Hello from Aberdeen! I arrived in Aberdeen yesterday and I fall in love with this city immediately! But before telling about Aberdeen, I would like to describe my last weeks in Glasgow. I have visited some parks. One of them was Queen’s Park. I can say that it’s very powerful place and of course, very magnificent. I took some amazing photos at that park :     Another place that I have visited is Glasgow Green. I am so happy that I have been to that place in my last days in Glasgow because Glasgow Green absolutely worth it and you can’t miss it! I was walking in Glasgow Green when I suddenly smelled the barley. It wasn’t just chance or an accident. Not far from Glasgow Green there is Strathclyde Distillery. This distillery produces grain whisky. The distillery doesn’t look like other distilleries that I have been to. It’s got a more industrial look.   Afterwards, I decided to go to the people’s palace and winter gardens. In front of this museum, there is a Terracotta fountain that depicts Britain’s four colonies : Australia, Canada, India and South Africa.  I found out a lot of interesting information while visiting people’s palace. For example, the last execution took place in 1960 in Glasgow and was seen only by few people.  Or the fact that alcohol lowers the body temperature and should be avoided in very cold weather, but many people don’t know about that and take a drink to ‘warm them inside’. I can say that I spent incredible time in Glasgow and from now on, I have such a great memories to keep!
It was very nice to live in Glasgow, but now I have an opportunity to explore Aberdeen. The main difference between Glasgow and Aberdeen is architecture. All the building are made of granite in Aberdeen. The other huge difference is that there is a sea in Aberdeen. As for me, it’s a great advantage! One more thing is that in Glasgow I relaxed and did a lot of different excursions, but I will get my work experience in Aberdeen. I am looking forward to my first work day and I am very excited about it! I know that my first shift will be in a bar so I can share my knowledge about whisky 🙂

That’s all for now,
xoxo Stephanie

Week 3&4 in Scotland

 Hello there! My week 3&4 in Scotland was the best time time ever! I have visited Loch Ness, Inverness and The Highlands! It was very impressive! During that trip to the Highlands I have visited Culloden Battlefield and even Craigh na Dun. If you know TV series called Outlander, it is that place from which Claire traveled back to the past. I stayed at night in Inverness. I like that city a lot because it’s very calm and incredible at the same time. It’s the best place to relax from chaos.

I tried haggis, neeps & tatties there for the first time and I think it was the best haggis ever because the consistency of neeps & tatties was very creamy.

I have visited Newtonmore Highland Folk museum where some parts of Outlander were filmed. Afterwards, I have visited my first whisky distillery. Blair Athol Distillery. I think it’s the most beautiful distillery ever. This distillery distills Blair Athol single malt whisky. It is used in Bell’s whisky. I have visited Auchentoshan distillery as well and it helped me a lot to pass the Whisky Ambassador exam.

I went around the city called Stirling. I have seen Wallace Monument and I even went upstairs to have an overlook of that brilliant city. It was very scary and windy upstairs but it worth it. On the 10th of October, I went to Edinburgh. The most impressive part of my trip there was the National Art Gallery. I was very inspired by that visit.  It is my favourite painting from now.

In fact, I have visited a lot of other places and each of them left it’s imprint in my soul. I am feeling a lot of energy because of that trips and it makes me feel very happy! Each day is very productive up here in Scotland and it’s amazing!

I am looking forward to my visit my placement in Aberdeen where I will do my internship! I hope I will manage very well.

That’s all for today. See you soon! Enjoy your life 😉

xoxo Stephanie

My second week in Glasgow

Hello there!

I have already stayed in Glasgow for 2 weeks and I am just in love with this city!

This week I went on a lot of excursion to the different museums. For example, I went on an excursion to a place called Kelvingrove park and museum which is very similar to another museum where “Night at the museum” movie was filmed. I went to the Glasgow University too. The architecture of the Glasgow University is really impressive and I hope that one day I will enter its doors as a student. I also went to the Science Center where I did a test and found out that I need to work in a fields such as accountancy, statistics or medicine. It was very helpful for me because I am still looking for my real place in this exciting life. I even went to a Riverside museum yesterday. It is a very interesting place and I got to know a lot of new facts about the life in Glasgow in the 19th century. I had a very productive week, hadn’t I? 🙂

I am looking forward to the third week because I am going to do a Whisky Ambassador Training! I hope I will pass the test and receive a certificate. Fingers crossed!

That’s all for today. I will write to you next week! Good luck and have a productive week! 😉

Scotland 2017/2018

Hello there! My name is Stefanija and I am from Latvia. I am 18 years old and I study Catering and Hospitality. I decided to go to Scotland because it’s an incredible place and I wanted to get a new experience in my work&study field.

My first impression of Scotland is amazing! I like this place a lot. I stay in Glasgow and it’s very pretty and green place. People are very nice and friendly here as well. They even have a slogan – People Make Glasgow. I think it’s the best slogan ever! It has a very deep meaning. Not sculptures or architecture make the city. But the people make the Glasgow.

In my daily basis I have lessons and after them I have some excursions. One of the best excursions of the first week was a walk through Pollok County Park. The weather was really nice and I could even have a look at very ancient mansion in that park.

I got a lot of knowledge about the Scottish culture after the first week. I found out that Scottish people have their own language called Galic. Moreover, people who was born and raised in Scotland have a specific Scottish accent. For example, instead of saying yes, they say aye. That’s very interesting, isn’t it? 🙂

I have quite a lot favourite spots in Scotland. One of these spots are parks. Glasgow is a very green city and I like to go for walks and explore this incredible areas of flowers, trees and bushes.           In my free time I usually go to the city centre with a bunch of my new friends. I like to visit restaurants, cafés or pubs with my friends. It gives me both : an opportunity to practice my English skills and even try new kinds of food.

I find this internship very useful because I am going to visit a lot of knowledgeable places like Whisky Distillery and different cafés & restaurants. It will help me in learning a lot of useful information in my hospitality field. But I am also looking forward to my trip to Inverness, Loch Ness and The Highlands.

Scotland is a really nice place 🙂 As for me, everyone should visit Scotland!