With our partners, Marriott Hotels and HIT Scotland we are launching our new project, Catering Mobility in Europe, to develop hospitality professionalism through European exchanges. The project is part of the CHASE network: Consortium of Hospitality and Accommodation Schools of Europe, which has been providing hospitality exchanges across Europe for 26 years. The CHASE Network promotes two-way exchanges between international partners and host employers and participants alike. The project’s focus on hospitality meets the needs of one of the top sectors in both Glasgow and Scotland. Glasgow’s sector has been growing rapidly. The sector around Europe needs more people to see it as a serious career and develop a passion and professionalism to meet the demand from customers and the high quality employers aim for.

“It was just an amazing and interesting month for now in Glasgow!”

The CHASE model is designed to produce just those results: participants gain a huge boost to their confidence, motivation and career development and go on to excel in the sector. It includes four weeks of language, culture and food culture training to provide a cultural context to the local hospitality sector in which the participants will then work for a further four months in a 4 to 5 star hotel and fine dining restaurants. The partners in the network each host collection of students from other partners, so the participants get to learn about each other’s cultures during the preparation month as well as being immersed in the host culture.

“We have now been here four weeks and those weeks has been really educational. We have learned so much about traditional Scottish foods, whiskys and of course culture. We have seen most of the museum in Glasgow, walked with the tour guides around the city of Glasgow and of course seen Highlands, Loch Lomond and Edinburgh. These four weeks have been busy but interesting so thanks Sabrina and Ylva for planning this for us. I am so exited that work starts tomorrow.”

Meet our visiting hospitality interns through reading their blogs here on the website. We are pleased to give you more information about the program – as a student, apprentice or graduate interesting in working in Europe,  a college or hospitality sector employer who would like to send trainees abroad or a hotel or restaurant who would like to host.

Our video of the first group of CHASE interns to come to Glasgow at the end of their five months here gives a flavour of the difference a CHASE internship can make in a hospitality student or graduate’s life.

Best regards,

Sabrina Allison, Morag Cassidy and the Light on the Path Team