We are delighted to offer opportunities both for hospitality trainees coming to Glasgow – through the CHASE Network or other partners – and to send hospitality trainees on placements abroad.

14462965_10155297734478136_7602584635590654036_n-1The first CHASE group to come to Glasgow was in Scotland from September 2016 to February 2017, with four weeks of culture and language training and four months of placements, mostly with Marriott Hotels but also at Andrew Fairlie’s Restaurant at Gleneagles, and the next CHASE intern from the Netherlands, doing hotel management at the Glasgow Marriott.  You can follow their blogs here.  Now we have our new CHASE interns from Sweden, France and Latvia who are getting to know Scotland before starting their placements – and our first three interns from Scotland have headed off to Gothenburg and Amsterdam.   We’ll have three more going to Tenerife on 29 October for five months.  Applications for Tenerife are still open, so click here to find out more and apply.

We also have other partnerships, for instance with Fátima Hospitality School in Portugal and Frans Schartau Handelsinstitut and Ekbackeskolan in Sweden, and we welcome new partners and funded students any time of the year.  Just get in touch!

Develop yourself within Food  & Beverage and become a Chef through internship at Tenerife. Photograph: Ray Bilcliff
Leiden, The Netherlands
Take the next step in your hospitality career and develop yourself in Food & Beverage or by Front Desk, with an internship in Leiden, Netherlands. Photograph: Weikuangchen
Develop yourself to become next top chef in your country through making a hospitality internship in Gothenburg.